There’s no question: You want the best result for you pharmaceutical packaging. A machine from Uhlmann will put you ahead of the field. However, the efficiency of a machine always depends on several factors. Synchronization, packaging, maintenance and spare parts management - at the end of the packaging process, the sum of all the individual services and the interaction within your team is what counts.


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With the audit trail data evaluation you can now safely track down dormant, hidden and increasable potentials. And not only that: For data evaluation we can also provide you with a hand in hand solution. Thus the precise recommendations for action are included directly in the presentation of the results. With this extra service you can overtake previous OEE best values and celebrate new successes.

Precise data. Precise optimization.

The first three steps towards OEE best practice

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You receive quarterly evaluations of your data over a period of 12 months

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You already receive a precise recommendation for the evaluation - and you can start directly with the optimization.


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More smiles.

Our engineers will also be happy to help you and your team get the full performance out of your packaging machine. We have developed this especially for this purpose, with pioneering spirit and foresight. The audit trail data evaluation also gives you a great feeling of having taken the important first step towards OEE best value.

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Efficiency high Efficiency - with ProductivityPlus

Uhlmann is Uhlmann because we work day and night to provide you with even better solutions for your packaging process. With ProductivityPlus, you can now reach your goal faster and face new challenges with confidence. What’s more: When you are optimally equipped, you can top your own successes. Our experts for Operational Excellence examine the areas of line equipment, production material, line environment, personnel and method application. We support you in identifying hidden potential with a precisely tailored mix of service modules. For optimized packaging processes, more line output and higher productivity. Take the first step now - with the audit trail data evaluation.

ProductivityPlus is your plus in benefits

Objective and neutral evaluation of the current situation
Minimized set-up times
Reduced reject rate
Optimized material consumption
More efficient workflows
Fewer unscheduled stops
Higher output rate
Implementation of best practice solutions
Exploit hidden potential for improvement
Develop sustainable processes
More satisfied employees
More flexible processes for changing requirements
Improved cost efficiency
Higher OEE

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