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An excellent blister machine is only the start to high productivity in pharmaceutical packaging.

Crucial is what follows. 
With the right services and spare parts you can ensure short downtimes, 
low overall costs (total cost of ownership – TCO), 
a high level of production reliability, or even an output improvement. 

Uhlmann can assist you here.

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Are you familiar with our MaintenancePlus products?

Get to know MaintenancePlus from Uhlmann and make the most of an attractive discount!




Individual coaching in an improvement workshop  

During an improvement workshop, Uhlmann specialists work together with you to find ways of keeping your packaging line up to date. You also receive recommendations on equipment, services, and training options. Your benefits: specific, first-hand advice, detailed answers to your questions, and an individual upgrade catalog for your machines.

Maintenance speeded up with replacement assemblies

Speed up the maintenance of your Uhlmann packaging machine as much as possible with the aid of preassembled replacement assemblies. Your benefits: straightforward and cost-efficient maintenance, short delivery and installation times, lower life-cycle costs for your packaging machine, as well as a deposit-return system for used assemblies to help save resources.


Seamless repairs by experts

Benefit from the fast and simple repair service from your Uhlmann specialist. As no one knows your packaging line better than us. For greater speed and sustainability, even in the event of unplanned downtimes.



The Uhlmann calibration service comes to you 

Ensure consistent production quality of your packaging machines with professional calibration of all relevant components. Our calibration service now comes to you and offers new possibilities. For more reliability, higher productivity and maximum precision.

Further News


Double performance with the Uhlmann FMECA

Spot the vulnerabilities in your packaging system as early as possible and reduce unscheduled downtimes to a minimum. For increased reliability and a higher OEE for your packaging machine. 



Boost the performance of your system – with ProductivityPlus

Maximize the potential of your packaging machine: With ProductivityPlus from Uhlmann, you can achieve optimum OEE results in just three steps! A huge plus in terms of reliability and maximum efficiency. 


Long live your packaging line: With replacement parts from Uhlmann

Faulty individual parts can often be replaced by 'like-new' replacement parts – for a sustainable repair that gives maximum speed to the pharmaceutical packaging process! 


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Order spare parts even more quickly and easily

The combination of the online PartsManager and our E-Commerce ordering system makes it possible to quickly find the right spare part and order it with just one click. 



Ersatzteile noch schneller und einfacher bestellen

Schnell das richtige Ersatzteil finden und mit einem Klick bestellen – die Kombination aus dem Online-PartsManager und unserem E-Commerce-Bestellsystem macht es möglich.


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Get through the initial phase with confidence – with Ramp-Up3 Support

Uhlmann Ramp-Up3 Support gets you through the first three months without any difficulty. For stable processes and maximum productivity from the very beginning.